Students dove deep into a broad range of topics—from low-income housing vouchers to media in New York City—in Drew University’s 2018 Digital Humanities Summer Institute. The Institute, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, allows Drew students to apply computational tools and methods to fields such as literature, history, philosophy and the social sciences.

Two projects featuring History & Culture graduate students:

A Virtual Museum of Legal Documents and Media Content on Comfort Women
: Create a virtual museum to display official documents and media content on “comfort women” who were sexual slaves to the Japanese military during World War II.
Participants: Caspersen School of Graduate Studies student Huntae Chung, Drew Theological School students Seung Jin Hong, Jae Won Jang and EunSil Kim and Associate Professor Angella Son

Authorship in the Modern American Textbook
: Identify, analyze and map trends in the authorship of American textbooks.
Participants: Caspersen School of Graduate Studies students Leanne Horinko and Jordan Reed, Daniel (Tianhao) Xu C’18 and Associate Professor Emily Hill.

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